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Atten-Hut!! Now listen closely Soldier! There's a pretty hairy war going on from over yonder and your team needs you to head to the front lines across the way to quickly gather some of those supplies falling from the sky.

But, before you ask, yep I'm talking about those yellowish-looking construction blocks with the parachutes attached to them.

That's the supplies we need so grab them quickly and hurry back here since we'll need those pronto to build "contraptions" and wage war!

Be sure to watch out for the other team though, they're doing the same thing and things may turn ugly for you real fast so let's go, now move, move, move!


"Battle" & Craft your way to victory by any means necessary to destroy the other team's "Fort" or base, it's your "Forte" after all!

Gather supply drops of blocks being dropped from the skies then use them to construct zany contraptions to defeat your foe!


  • Contraptions - Craft and build zany "Contraptions" from building blocks to make deadly weaponry, vehicles, offensive and defensive structures to enhance you, your base, and core gameplay!
  • Multiplayer - Take the battle Online and join a team of 5 vs 5 fighting against an opposing team of enemy players attempting to destroy them before they destroy you and your team's base!


  • Singleplayer - No game is complete without the choice of taking things offline against AI Bots or just for some Extra Practice as you battle for the win against a relentless AI Team trying to overwhelm you! This will also enable Bots to be added in Multiplayer Mode to help fill in any player gaps!
  • Vehicle Contraptions - Craft and build deadly "Vehicle Contraptions" to do your bidding and turn the tides of war but, be aware that building vehicles is a bit harder without help and protection from your team!
  • Enhanced Contraptions - Build More, Do More! As you battle on you'll gain points to unlock and build "Enhanced Contraptions" to aid you in battle such as spying, walls, backpack for more pickups, turrets, etc!
  • Leveling System - Level Up, Enhance your Character with lots of different Unlockables, or Specialize in a particular skillset and don a cool unique custom outfit, etc, the choice is yours as you advance!
  • Game Modes - Traditional and Expanded Game Mode Options for varied yet challenging gameplay such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, and a few more tricks up our sleeves for game modes!

And we have tons more ideas where all the above came from!

*NOTICE: This game will not be free when released and is still in Active Development so it is not yet ready for sale. Therefore purchases are disabled until we are comfortable enough with releasing a stable alpha for early access and backers in the coming months.

You can assist in development to speed up this process by supporting funding via the BattleForte Contraption Cube Donation Box at our main website at https://www.skywolfgamestudios.com on the right side if you'd like to help see it through! Many thanks in advance!

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