BattleForte Teaser & First Look

Get a very First Look at this Video Teaser!

So far this is how the first map “What the Hill?!!” pretty much looks as of right now until it is designed further but there will be tons going into it and some of the basic systems are functional at a simple level namely 3D Real-time Crafting System in-game in almost any order, Sprinting and Stamina System, Partial Shooting System, Respawn and Lives System, Pickup & Dropping System so take a look at it below now before continuing if you haven't seen it on youtube already.


The above shows off the single most important feature in BattleForte at it’s core which is the 3D Crafting System! this is handled in-game in real-time! Yep, during gameplay you won’t have to press Tab, Pause the Game, Go into your Inventory, No Annoying Menus, it’s all laid out there right in front of you!


Despite the above being pretty basic look to show you where the game currently stands there is still one very tall mountain to scale in the long run. What I mean by that is there is a heck of a lot more to do, add, improve, fix galore to get the game anywhere near what it will need to be capable of before it’s even considered ready for an Alpha Launch in the coming months!

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