Fixed Up BattleForte's Lighting & Sky

I spent a lot of time today learning some more programming and blueprinting by removing the dummy weapon for now because I have created a slot to change over to the switchable weapons from a craftable weapon system which is held in the player inventory to be added very soon now.

Also, today I got fed up with the dull look that just was not fitting the game very well. It just looked extremely boring so I spent time figuring and fixing up the lighting and sky. It's not exactly as I want it yet but very darn close so we're certainly making further progress.

If you have any feedback such as Ideas, suggestions, etc, my door is open so just drop a note or message me! ;0)

Change Log:

- Removed Dummy Gun to make way for Equippable Weapons System
- Fixed Up Lighting Glare Issue that caused Overexposure
- Fixed Up Sky Light
- Added PostProcessingVolume to correct Game Coloring (Toony Brightness)

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